In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Some scolars agree by the scientific evidence that the universe is governed by infinitely precise rates and is fine-tuned. But have this precise order originate the universe we know? Or did such an order happend at some point? This requires closer investigation.

It is generally known that after the big-bang the universe was expanding following a specific scheme or ratio. The rate of expansion, carefully measured was very close to the point at which the universe will just escape its own gravity and avoid collapsing. Was the rate of expansion a little slower, the cosmos would collapse, a little faster and the universe we know would have long ago completely dispersed. How delicately the rate of expansion has been fine-tuned! This is only one of several apparent cosmic miracles.

Another miracle and an example of fine-tuned universe, is the pattern of expansion. As we observe it today, the universe is extraordinarily uniform in the way matter and energy are distributed and at every point the universe would look the same at all orientations. The radiation from the universe arrives at Earth with a uniform temperature in every direction. Paul Davis, in A Naturalistic Account of the Universe, says: “Not only is the rate of expansion the same in all directions, it is the same from region to region within the cosmos.” This means that the univese commence with an explosion highly orchestrated, an outburst of “exactly uniform vigour everywhere and in every direction”. “The primeval beat radiation which bathes the universe arrives at Earth with a uniform temperature in every direction accurate to one part in ten thousand.” (ibid.)

“With gravitational attraction the only cosmic force available, the big bang must simply be acepted as god-given, an event without a cause, an assumed initial condition.” “An event of quite astonishing fidelity, for the present highly structured cosmos could not have arisen unless the universe was set up in just the right way at the outset. This is the genesis paradox.” (Paul Davies, from: “A Naturalistic Account of the Universe.” )

What the Bible say:

Gen. 1:1:”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

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