There are a lot of stories about angels. Some of them are mere tales but others are far from be considered as a result of some taleteller. Let us consider why it is a important matter and why each of us is involved.

The downfall

From the very beginning of history angels played an important role. The Bible account of, describes the downfall of Adam and Eve due to a bad angel who became known as Satan the Devil.In Genesis is also reported the story of three young boys who were delivered from the fire thanks to the intervention of an angel. And the just Daniel, God’s prophet, when drowning in a deep pit amids lions for his loyalty to God, was also miraculously delivered by one of Jehovah’s angels. Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was visited by an angel who brought her the glad tiding from Jehovah that she should be the bearer of the promissed Messiah.In fact one important role of angels is that of being messengers of Jehovah. But why are we personally involved? There is an important question to consider.
Good Angels and Bad Angels

Not all angels are serving God as his loyal messengers. Since Eden an indefinite number of angels became Satan’s followers and came under his control. All these bad angels became demons who will harm us. Like a severe viral infection we can affect their dangerous influence if exposed to horoschopes, divination of all kinds, drugs, television, radio, music, video games and the Internet.

“Not all television programs are bad, but data showing the negative effects of exposure to violence, inappropriate sexuality and offensive language are convincing.” ( Paediatric Child Health, “Impact of media use on children and youth”)

Why are humans involved in this matter? As we have seen Adam and Eve were personally involved in the strife with Satan there they both choose to disobey the Almighty God. This challenge afflicts all of God’s creatures. What will we personally do?

At present humans are given the opportunity to make their personal choice to obey the directions of Jehovah God or those of Satan. Humans and angels are created with the precious gift of free will. It is a personal choice to obey to Jehovah. One important way for doing this is following the principles and councels of the Bible, God’s written word. But Satan the Devil uses his ability to force this free will and try to let us do his will. When we are not aware of his tricks and schemes he hold sway over us.

It is like a puppet in the hands of a puppet master who moves the strings according to his will and forced the puppets to obey his orders. The same happened when one falls in Satan’s trap: he is destined to obey.

Angels are mighty creatures who were originally created for Jehovah’s purposes. One of these aims is that of declare the good news of God’s kingdom by means of his loyal servants. (Mathew 28:19) They spread this vital message world wide to people of all languages and races. (Revelation 14:6) What an important role angels have today!

What will we do?

If we choose to serve Jehovah we will be protected against bad angels. The Bible assures us that God’s name is like a strong tower. The right one run to this tower and will find protection. (Proverbs 18:10)

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